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Repair and Care Pillow Spray- 95ml

Repair and Care Pillow Spray- 95ml

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Infused with gorgeous lavender, calming sage and soothing chamomile essential oils. Spray this special blend before bedtime and watch the mist settle on your pillow as it turns your room into the perfect haven for a trip to dreamland.

This delightful blend of essential oils is as calming as it is fragrant. Allow the enigmatic and expansive notes of clary sage to grace your senses. Clary Sage eases symptoms of an anxious mind while providing a sense of tranquillity. Lavender offers a balancing effect for mind and body and is packed with soporific qualities to help sleep. Chamomile, one of the world’s most soothing essential oils, calms troubled skin while quieting the mind for a peaceful sleep.

Spritz generously over bed linen, allowing the mist to settle.

🐰 Cruelty Free 🌱 Vegan Friendly

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