Naturally European

We put rich shea in all of the moisturising products in this collection because of its ability to nourish the skin and to protect the skin from water, which is why rich shea in particular is so good environmentally.

Shea does more than any other natural ingredient to protect skin.
The make up of rich shea means it not only moisturises but it also leaves a protective layer on your skin which helps protect hardworking hands from environmental and water dehydration. Shea products are perfect for those who wash their hands a lot such as nurses, gardeners, swimmers and anyone who gets damaged skin from environmental factors such as cold weather.
The whole Naturally European collection is contained in handsome artisan packaging exclusively created to appeal to customers who adore a stylish, classic design.
With seven scents ranging through fruity, floral, herbaceous and beyond, there is a comprehensive range of aromas to choose from there really is a fragrance for everyone.
Freesia & Pear
Rose Petal
Ginger & Lime