Naturally European Diffusers

Our Naturally European brand takes inspiration from the rich landscapes that Europe has to offer. As well as every day essentials, you’ll find luxurious treats and gift sets in our Naturally European fragrances.

Place the reeds into the fragrance and let the sweet-smelling aroma delicately infuse any room to create a wonderfully emotive environment.

Augeo Clean Multi Base. Unlike ingredients used in many other diffusers, Augeo is environmentally friendly and made from a renewable source and has a low carbon footprint. Augeo has an extremely subtle aroma, so you’ll only smell the delightful Naturally European fragrances that we add to the solution. It also has a low evaporation rate, so the scent will last and last!

  • Made in England
  • Aroma creates wonderfully emotive environment
  • Boxed in artisan packaging
  • Diffuses aroma for months
  • High fragrance level
Plum Violet
Rose Petal
Freesia and Pear
Ginger and Lime
Milk Cotton